M6 Medieval Reading Group

The M6 reading Group has moved. It is now the North West Medieval Studies Network Reading Group. Visit northwestmedieval.com.

Past information

The M6 Medieval Reading Group is an informal, student-led reading group for postgraduate and early career researchers working on medieval topics.

We meet monthly on Zoom (for the time being) to discuss a wide range of primary sources of different types and genre, era and locale.

The group is designed to strengthen networks between postgraduate students and early-career scholars working on medieval topics in different departments, and across different universities in the North West, including members from Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Liverpool, Lancaster, Chester, and Keele.  Members are able to gain experience of leading a research seminar at postgraduate level and to broaden their awareness of sources, historiographical themes and methodologies within medieval studies but beyond their own research area.

How does it work?

Every month one of our members undertakes to lead our reading group.  They pick a primary source relevant to their research, signpost a key piece of secondary literature and suggest three questions to serve as a starting point for the discussion.  Much like preparing for a seminar or tutorial, members familiarise themselves with the reading before coming to Reading Group ready to discuss it.